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SHYNE is a Mexican company with extensive experience in the field of 18 KT Gold Layered, Gold-Filled Jewelry, offering excellent quality and variety in each of their products while using advanced technology to provide the best finish and shine in their pieces.


SHYNE is committed to each of its customers, and is convinced that the quality of its jewelry speaks for itself through client satisfaction and repeat acquisition of Shyne quality products. This recurrent business provides for the best self-sustaining publicity of Shyne products. This sustained popularity and SHYNE quality guarantee is also offered to our small and large investors that distribute our products, giving them the peace of mind of a proven product.


Another objective is to provide SHYNE customers with a wide and continuous range of models which currently exceed 20,000 different pieces, SHYNE is also constantly seeking and creating new designs to always be at the forefront of the industry.

What is layers of gold?


Shyne Gold Laminated pieces were created with the goal of offering its clients a new option in the field of gold jewelry. Shyne jewelry is crafted with all the beauty of gold but is offered at a more reasonable price.


Shyne Pieces are 18kt. layered over a metal base, crafted with the best technology in the laminated gold industry which allows for the greatest thickness possible. With this technology, Shyne is far superior to its competitors due to its quality and gold content. If you manufacture your parts with Shyne, featuring more gold per piece than any brand, your customer demand will increase due to its best finish and perfect shine. Within its wide range of models, Shyne also offers pieces made with a 3 gold finish that no other competitor has.


Nickel Free


Nickel is a metal that some manufacturers use in the production of laminated gold jewelry, this is done in an effort to reduce costs in each of the pieces, however this is a poor justification because the nickel is a metal that is known to cause problems with allergies and severe skin irritation.


Shyne prefers the health of its customers, which is why all jewelry is crafted completely free of nickel, plus it also makes parts that provide greater durability and instead of nickel more gold is added to every piece.


Commitment to the environment


In view of the great problems of pollution and water shortages that currently exist in our planet, Shyne uses its superior technology in the manufacturing of their products. To contribute to the care of water, sophisticated machinery uses 98% recycled water in each process.

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Factory telephones

+52 (222) 8 88 16 25

+52 (222) 283 05 46

+52 (222) 894 26 72